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Suzanne H. Petersen
Associate Professor
Romance Languages and Literature
Division of Spanish and Portuguese
University of Washington

The Visual FoxPro Bibliographic Database Application was developed by Jean E. Lentz, White Forest Software (

Graduate and Undergraduate Assistants (audio digitizing; editing; translating):
  • José Luis Gastañaga
  • Frances Gilroy
  • Carlos E. Velásquez Torres
  • Manuel Costa Fontes and the Hispanic Society of America (author and copyright holder, respectively, of O Romanceiro Português e Brasileiro: Índice Temático e Bibliográfico;
  • Perre Ferré and the Centro de Estudos Linguísticos e Literários de la Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais de la Universidade do Algarve (Pan Hispanic Balladry Project, under the auspices of the Centro de Estudos Linguísticos e Literários, financed by the F.C.T. and shared with F.E.D.E.R., for their entire collection of all modern Portuguese ballads published since 1828;
  • Harriet Goldberg and family for permission to use her Motif-Index of Folk Narratives in the Pan-Hispanic Romancero;
  • José Manuel Fraile Gil and Susana Weich-Shahak for permission to reproduce ballad music from their exceptional audio ballad archives;
  • Virtudes Atero Burgos for use of the texts edited in Romancerillo de Arcos de la Frontera, Romancero andaluz de tradición oral, and Romancero de la provincia de Cádiz;
  • María Jesús Ruíz Fernández for sharing with me her La tradición oral del Campo de Gibraltar;
  • Salvador Rebés for permission to republish the texts edited in Cançons tradicionals catalanes recollides per Jacint Verdaguer and Cançoner tradicional del Baix Camp I El Montsant as well as for his invaluable, on-going help with the Catalan ballad tradition;
  • Maria do Carmo Cardoso da Costa, who sent me the versions of La Serrana she edited or reedited for her Doctoral Dissertation (both published and previously unedited versions were made available from the SMP/ASOR archives, edited with the help of J. Antonio Cid).
Technical support and project management for the Pan-Hispanic Ballad and Ballad Bibliography Web Site has been provided by Richard Karpen, Stacy Waters and the Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts & Humanities (CARTAH) at the University of Washington.

Web Design: Thom Heileson
Database Interface: Derek Peschel, Russ Prather, Duc Vo, Phát Nguyêñ, Nathan Saint Clair

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